MASTER QUENCHING OIL is formulated from highly refined base stocks with inherently   high thermal   stability to provide rapid heat dissipation.

The quenching of steel involves cooling at a sufficiently fast rate to reach desired hardness and to avoid the formation of soft constituents, cracking or distortion. When steel is quenched, the surface is cooled more rapidly than the center.

By increasing the cooling rate, the center will reach the desired full hardness. Cooling rate can be influenced by steel composition, thickness, type of quenchant, temperature and mechanical characteristics of the quench bath.

  • Used for all normal quenching operations on a wide variety of steel to impart the desired hardness to components without distortion
  • Used for hardening nuts, bolts, ball bearings  and certain types of brake drums as well as many other  components manufactured by automobile  and light engineering industries
  • good quenching characteristics
  • High Flash Point minimizing fire hazards
  • Low Volatility
  • long service life due to excellent oxidation stability
  • Impart uniform hardness without distortion
  • wide application range