Master Super 2 Oil is a 2-Stroke gasoline engine oil, where oil is mixed with the fuel. It is blended from refined base oils to meet special requirements of air cooled engines. This oil also increases fuel efficiency to some extent. The unique formulation ensures easy mixing with gasoline and excellent lubrication. It meets and exceeds API TC & JASO FC requirements.

Master Super 2 Oil is recommended for use in 2-Stroke gasoline engines. Master Super 2 Oil is specially formulated for 2-Stroke engines used in motor cycles, scooters, domestic and horticulture machinery such as lawn mowers and chain saws.

  • Quicker Ignition
  • Lighter Exhaust Smoke
  • Smoother Engine Operation
  • Cleaner Engine Parts
  • Cleaner Exhaust Pipe
  • More Mileage
  • Reduces Spark Plug Fouling
  • Faster Pickup