Master Plus 350 is a high performance engine oil. It is a blend of superior quality Group-II base stock and high performance additives. Master Plus 350 has detergents, anti-wear, anti-oxidation additives that help it perform under the most severe conditions. It has super stable viscosity index improver that does not shear off under severe operating conditions of high load and elevated temperatures.

Master Plus 350 is a very high quality diesel engine oil developed for use in the most severe diesel engine applications of high speed, high load conditions, off or on highway and when burning diesel fuels of different quality. It is recommended for almost all types of diesel engines, whether supercharged, turbocharged or naturally aspirated. Suitable for commercial road transport, trucks, buses, tractors, generator sets and marine diesel engines where API CF-4 crankcase oils are recommended.

  • Excellent chemical stability to protect against lacquer and hard carbon deposits
  • Superior wear control protection against bore polish, cam tappets and bearing wear in highly stressed engines
  • Provides unique qualities required to meet the vigorous and most severe service conditions in diesel engines with excellent oxidation stability