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Master Plus 150 is a high-quality crankcase oil for diesel and gasoline engines. Master Plus 150 is formulated with selected high-quality base oils and a balanced package of potent and effective additives including detergent, rust inhibitor and an anti-wear agent for meeting the requirements of the API Service Classifications SD for gasoline engines and CD for diesel engines.

Master Plus 150 may be used in automotive diesel engines under moderate to severe conditions and four stroke petrol engines where API SD/CD oil is recommended. This oil is specially recommended for cabs, cars, buses, tractors and road trucks that requires this quality level. Meets and exceeds the requirements of API SD/CD.

  • Provides efficient and economical lubrication over wide range of operating conditions
  • Gives excellent control over engine wear and corrosion
  • Increases fuel efficiency and less engine wear
  • Prolongs engine‚Äôs life
  • Excellent performance against ring sticking
  • Reduces piston grooves and deposits