Mission statement

The mission of Pakistan Lubricants (Pvt.) Limited is to provide value-added products and services so as to assure customer satisfaction, through reducing waste, implementing continuous improvement programs in the area of manufacturing operations and complimenting the manufacturing operations with strong strategic marketing planning. Through the successful implementation of these activities we aim to compete with the ever-increasing competition and retain our valued customers and consumers so as to achieve the basic goals of survival, growth and profits to develop a corporate culture and environment where good office management practices are observed and where there is free and open communication throughout the company's supply-chain, this having a centralized and integrated information base.



The vision of Pakistan Lubricants (Pvt.) Ltd is to expand its scope of business from local to global operations through strong human, information and financial resources. To make Pakistan Lubricant (Pvt.) Ltd, an organization having a broad product mix, serving different segments of the automotive industry world-wide.

News & Events

New Product Launch

The newly designed packing for MASTER XTRA 4T MCO is due to be launched by the end of 2013.
New products of the highest quality are currently in the development stage, which shall be a part of MASTER OIL'S product line in the coming year.


New Product Launch and New TV Commercial

The New Imported MASTER XTRA 4T-MCO is due to be launched in March 2013 along with its much awaited TV commercial.


Ramadan Cricket Tournament 2010

After the successful Ramadan night tape ball cricket tournament organized by Master Oil in 2009, where 24 teams participated, Master Oil came back with a bigger tournament in 2010 with 32 teams from all over Karachi.


Ramadan Cricket Tournament 2011

Master Oil Ramadan night cricket tournament had become the biggest tape ball night cricket tournament in terms of popularity amongst the public in 2011.National Players like NASIR JAMSHED, SARFARAZ AHMED AND RAZA HASAN also participated.